Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Unexpected New Years

So I turned 21 two months ago, and what did I want to do with my New Years Eve? Babysit. And that I did. For these two angels, Paige and Dylan:

After two hours, I finally got 5-year-old Dylan to fall asleep at about 9:45 pm, an hour and forty five minutes past his bedtime. I eventually had to resort to lullabies to get the lil guy to calm down, which I have almost never had to do while babysitting. I started off with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (duh) and after that it was really a mental struggle to think of songs to sing. That's when I remembered the song that my dad used to sing to me.. "Loo-ra loo-ra loo-ra loo-ra loo-ra loo-ra lie." No, his name wasn't Laura, but I was desperate. Some of those lullabies really brought back some good memories. I sang "Hushaby Baby" (even though he's five) and also dipped into some Christmas songs, including Sufjan Steven's Come Thou Fount. Thank goodness he fell asleep during that because I almost desperately busted out the Taylor Swift...

As I finally started getting comfortable on the couch, the parents came home at around 10:30. If it weren't for the chocolate covered espresso beans that I had just eaten, I'm pretty sure I would have been passed out by then.. I was not expecting them to be home before midnight!

Their 10:30 arrival turned into a pleasant surprise, and I ended up getting to go out with some friends and have one of the most enjoyable New Year's Eves yet, playing games, sipping champagne, and watching the ball drop with some great people.

Happy 2012 everyone, let's make it the best year yet.


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  1. Wish I could have celebrated the new year with you all! Even the kids you babysit...