Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Break Instagrams


1. My favorite gift from Santa this year, a beautiful lace Anthropologie dress.
2. Words of wisdom from Dove dark chocolate.
3. Ryan's Inferno seasonal pizza from Dewey's, the #1 reason why January rocks.
4. Chloe loves her cone.
5. Our precious new neighbor Carolina at 10 months!
6. Parfait with strawberries and bananas and hemp+ granola, all organic!
7. Our first mother/daughter happy hour, being 21 is so exciting!
8. Reunited with my first grade teacher :) Such an awesome lady.
9. Dark & rich hot chocolate + Bailey's from the Chocolate Bar.
10. Homemade hot chocolate (emphasis on the chocolate) with A Gray while we watched the film The Beginners.

Now 2 more days until I head back to Columbia! Break has been perfect, but I'm excited to get back into a routine again. And start my new accounting job! Since two of my best friends are going abroad this semester, I'm trying to stay as busy as possible. I will miss you Sue and Liz!

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